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This is what our students have to say about Ohio Central Bible College
I attended OCBC classes during its first year of operation, 2009-2010.  The classes were a wonderful learning environment and experience.  We had great teachers and great camaraderie with our new friends.  My knowledge of the Bible increased 100-fold during those classes.  I continued to take classes beyond those required for the Diploma in Bible Studies and even repeated some of the classes.  I learned more each time.  Maybe I am a slow learner, or maybe some things are worth doing more than once.  I encourage anyone who wants to learn more about the Bible to consider classes at Ohio Central Bible College in Iberia.
 Pat Rinehart
8607 County Road 30, P. O. Box 128, Iberia, OH  43325
I attended classes during 2012 and 2013.  I felt the need to expand my knowledge of the Scriptures beyond what I could by studying alone.  Studying the Scriptures is more than just knowledge; it's learning the way God looks at things and applying that knowledge to our own life.  I might mention that it had been over 30 years since I had taken any classes or tests of any kind.  The teachers and those I attended class with provided a valuable fellowship.  Each class I took showed me how much I had yet to absorb and learn from the Bible.  I would encourage anyone desiring to further their walk with Christ to try the classes at OCBC.
Bruce Edwards
I earned my one year Diploma in Bible Studies from Ohio Central Bible College in 2012.  I was very impressed with the quality of professors that taught my classes.  I learned so much about the Bible, along with enjoying great fellowship with the students in my classes.  Ohio Central Bible College is a great asset available, in North Central Ohio, for those who want to take quality Christian courses.  Class times are convenient for people who are busy with work and family commitments.
Susan Irwin
"I attended classes from the Fall of 2011 thru graduation June 2013 earning my Diploma in Bible Studies. The professors at OCBC are wonderful, caring individuals who are indeed blessed of God. I learned so very much from each of them as well as from my classmates. Attending OCBC was a great experience for me. I would encourage anyone wanting to earn their Diploma in Biblical Studies to go and check out the classes at OCBC. You won't be disappointed!" 
Trish Lemasters