Ohio Central Bible College
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About Ohio Central Bible College
The mission of Ohio Central Bible College is to prepare individuals to grow spiritually by studying the Word of God (the Holy Bible) and to challenge students to be of service to others.  

Ohio Central Bible College is a place where individuals can learn about Jesus, the Christ.  Our motto is "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God"  (Matthew 6:33)

​Founded on July 10, 2009, Ohio Central Bible College holds classes and special events in the historic Iberia Presbyterian Church.  The church has served as a chapel for two former Morrow County colleges.

Iberia College (1854-1867) named Rev. George Gordon as its first president.  An abolitionist and Presbyterian minister, Rev. Gordon was convicted of violating the Fugitive Slave Law. He died in 1868 and was buried in the Iberia Cemetery. 

In 1867 the college was renamed Ohio Central College.  Perhaps the most famous graduate of Ohio Central College was the 29th President of the United States, Warren G. Harding.  Harding graduated in 1882, twelve years before the college closed its doors.

In 1965 the Ohio Historical Society and Warren G Harding Memorial Association named Ohio Central College as a historical landmark.  The Historical Marker, seen on the right, is proudly displayed on the property of Iberia Presbyterian Church.

8607 County Rd 30, PO Box 128, Iberia, OH  43325
Reverend John Watson, M.Th., Professor Emeritus 

Professor Rhett Crabtree, Th.M.

Dr. Sam Meier, Ph. D.

​Reverend Jack Moore, M. Div., Academic Dean

Reverend Dennis Schultz, D. Min., Dean of Faculty

Reverend Mark W. Phillips, D. D. (honoris causa), M.A.