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About Ohio Central Bible College
The mission of Ohio Central Bible College is to prepare individuals to grow spiritually by studying the Word of God (the Holy Bible), to challenge them to be of service to others, and to help them follow Christ and His teachings. Ohio Central Bible College is Christian, traditional, and independent. We do not racially discriminate. 

Our motto is "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God" (Matthew 6:33). We accept the Apostles' Creed. Our curriculum is Christ-centered.

Founded in July 2009, Ohio Central Bible College holds classes, seminars, special events and a 1,000 volume Christian research library in the historic Iberia Presbyterian Church through the courtesy of the congregation. The church served as a chapel for two former 19th century institutions of higher learning.

Iberia College (1854-1867) chose Rev. George Gordon, A.M. as its first president. An abolitionist and Presbyterian minister, Rev. Gordon was convicted of violating the Fugitive Slave Law. He was pardoned by U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. Rev. Gordon died in 1868 and is buried at the Iberia Cemetery. Poet John Willis Menard and Dr. George T. Harding (B.A., 1860) were Iberia College alumni.

During 1867 the institution, under new ownership, was renamed Ohio Central College. Its most famous student was Warren G. Harding (1865-1923), a Morrow County native and the 29th U.S. President. Harding graduated in 1882 with a B.Sc. and taught school north of Marion before entering the newspaper business, politics and public service. Ohio Central College eventually closed.

Ohio Central Bible College, founded in 2009, traces its heritage to the two 19th century Iberia colleges. The Ohio Historical Society named the former Ohio Central College as an important historical site in 1965. The Ohio Historical Marker is shown on the right and is located on the grounds of the Iberia Presbyterian Church.

8607 County Road 30, P. O. Box 128, Iberia, OH  43325
Adjunct Faculty

Reverend Dr. Dennis Schultz, D. Min., Dean of Faculty, Mt. Gilead.

Reverend Jack K. Moore, M. Div., Academic Dean, Marion. 

Professor Sam Meier, Ph.D., Columbus.

​Reverend Mark W. Phillips, D.D. (honoris causa; founder and president), M.A., Mount Gilead. Specialty: Christology.
Phi Delta Kappa Distinguished Educator, 2019.

Reverend Rhett Crabtree, Th.M., Green Camp.

(In Memoriam: Adjunct faculty, alumni, supporters, and friends). 

Ohio Central Bible College is Pro-Life and supports the Bill of Rights, the 1776 Commission Report, and the preservation of Christianity. We follow Christ's teaching on marriage: one man and one woman only (see Mark 10:6-9; Matthew 19:4-6; and Genesis 1:26-28; KJV and RSV). Ohio Central Bible College also endorses evangelism, American patriotism, plus "faith, family, and freedom."  

Board of Trustees: M. Phillips, P. Rinehart, and C. Howland. 

"Thank you" to the people of Morrow County and the Columbus Region, the Mount Gilead Public Library staff, and the Iberia Presbyterian Church congregation for your continuing support.