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Ohio Central Bible College Curriculum
Courses 101, 102, 103 and 104 are required for the Diploma in Bible Studies.
101 - Old Testament Survey: A survey of the entire Old Testament, paying special attention to literary features such as authorship, theme, structure and content of each of the books, along with an analysis of the historical background and geographical setting. The course gives an overview of the development of the Old Testament canon and the unfolding of God's redemptive purposes through his chosen people, Israel.
102 - The Life of Christ: During this historical overview, the person of Christ becomes more vivid when studied against the religious, political and social backdrop of his day. Concentration is on the major events of Christ's life and understanding the essence of his ministry and teaching. Special attention is given to the major theme of his preaching: the Kingdom of God. All students must type a paper entitled "My Personal Relationship With Jesus, the Christ."
103 - New Testament Survey: A survey of the entire New Testament, which is the timeless completion of the written revelation of God to humankind. A chronological overview will attempt to develop a faithful understanding and appreciation of the relevance and message of the New Testament. The course will begin with a study of the historical, geographical and cultural background of the first century, will include an introduction to each of the 27 books and will concentrate on several New Testament themes. 
104 - Christian and Community Service: An opportunity for students to complete from 8 to 10 hours of non-political and voluntary work at their church or for the community. Using Jesus as our example of the humble servant, students will work under supervision and then type a two page summary paper of their experiences. Completion of this course is required for graduation with a Diploma in Bible Studies. 

INDEPENDENT STUDY is available when officially announced. The cost is $150 plus the textbook. SEMINARS are available every semester or term. The cost is $20 and seminars are three hours long.
Contact President Mark Phillips for more information.
105 - The Psalms: The Psalms will be studied primarily as the prayers and aspirations of David and his companions, which were later used in the worship of the people of Israel and compiled in a methodological way to form the present canonical Psalter. Themes and categories of the Psalms will be explored and examined for their relevance to the life of faith of the believer and the messianic hope, and also with a special concentration on their application and use during personal or group worship of God. 
106 - Church History: This course will introduce students to the broad sweep of Church History from Apostolic Times to the 21st century. Major persons and cultural influences will be studied with the intent of showing the continuing work of the Holy Spirit in directing "His-story." The primary text will be Mark Noll's Turning Points and Richard Foster's Streams of Living Water will be used as a supplement. Two exams and a major paper will be required. 
107 - The Lives of the Apostles and Martyrs of the Church: This course examines the lives of the Apostles and Martyrs of the Christian Church. Particular attention will be given to their living for the Kingdom of God and dying for the Faith. Time periods will include the Apostolic Age, the Age of Martyrdom (second to fourth centuries), the Reformation Era and the Modern Era. Included will be the lives of the original Twelve, plus Matthias, Stephen, Paul, Alban, John Huss, Joan of Arc, William Tyndale, Isaac Jogues, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Oscar Romero.
108 - Christian Apologetics: The Apostle Peter told us to "… sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you" 
(I Peter 3:15). As believers we must be ready to prove and defend the truths of Christianity. Specific appropriate methodologies will be examined for their usefulness and effectiveness.

Courses 105, 106, 107 and 108 
are electives.
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The independent studies course is $150 plus textbook.

To pre-register for a course or seminar, contact President Mark Phillips. Thank you.
Students have three years to complete the required courses to earn their Diploma in Bible Studies. To enroll in a course, seminar, or Independent Study, a high school diploma or GED is required. This institution is not certified by the department of higher education or the state of Ohio. It does not racially discriminate. Ohio Central Bible College is allowed by Section 1713.02 (E) of the Ohio Revised Code to offer postsecondary courses, seminars, and Independent Study in religion. We are Christian, traditional, and independent. All are welcome to attend. 


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