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Ohio Central Bible College Curriculum
OCBC101, OCBC102, OCBC103 and OCBC104 are required courses for the Diploma in Bible Studies
OCBC101 - Old Testament Survey

    Old Testament Survey gives an overview of the development of the Old Testament canon and the unfolding of God's redemptive purposes through His chosen people, Israel.

OCBC 102 - The Life of Christ

    The Life of Christ gives an overview of the person of Christ.  The course concentrates on the major events of Christ's life and understanding the essence of His ministry and teachings.  All students must type a paper entitled "My Personal Relationship With Jesus, The Christ", in order to fulfill the requirements of this course.

OCBC 103 - New Testament Survey

    New Testament Survey gives an overview of the entire New Testament.  The course attempts to develop a faithful understanding and appreciation of the relevance and message of the New Testament.  The study includes the historical, geographical and cultural background of the first century.

OCBC 104 - Christian & Community Service

    Students are required to complete from 8 to 10 hours of non-political and voluntary work at their church or for the community.  Using Jesus as our example of the humble servant, students will work under supervision and then type a two page summary of their experiences.
OCBC105 - The Psalms

    Studied primarily as the prayers and aspirations of David and his companions, themes and categories of the Psalms will be explored as well.  They will be examined for their relevance to the life of faith of the believer and the messianic hope.

OCBC 106 - Church History

    Church History introduces students to the broad sweep of church history from Apostolic Times to the 21st century.  Major persons and cultural influences will be studied with the intent of showing the continuing work of the Holy Spirit in directing "His-story."

OCBC 107 - The Lives of the Apostles & Martyrs
                     of the Church

    Time periods covered ill include the Apostolic Age, the Age of Martyrdom (2nd to 4th centuries), the Reformation Era and the Modern Era.  Study will include the lives of the original Twelve, Stephen, Paul, Joan of Arc, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and others.

OCBC 108 - Christian Apologetics

    As believers we must be ready to prove and defend the truths of Christianity.  Specific appropriate methodologies will be examined for their usefulness and effectiveness.
OCBC105, OCBC106, OCBC107 and OCBC108 Elective courses. 
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The current cost per traditional class is $175 plus books


If a course does not have at least three students enrolled, when offered for traditional classroom instruction (12 meetings at 3 hours per session) during a semester, individuals have the option to take the course as an independent study student.

The tuition cost per independent study student will be $150 plus books.

The independent study student(s) will meet with their professor for six classroom meetings at three hours each session.  Meeting days will be determined by faculty, on days when Ohio Central Bible College is regularly in session.

The independent study student(s) will be responsible for completing all course requirements set by the professor.  This includes readings, assignments, papers, quizzes and tests.

All Ohio Central Bible College Policies and Procedures will apply to all Ohio Central Bible College independent study students.
To download the Application for Admission, please click on the button to the left.  Complete the application and mail with your tuition to the address listed on the application.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  
Students have three years in which to complete the courses required to obtain their Diploma in Bible Studies