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Dedicated to Higher Learning
Welcome to Ohio Central Bible College!
Ohio Central Bible College is Christian, independent, and nondenominational. This institution is not certified by the department of higher education or the state of Ohio. It does not racially discriminate in any of its policies or programs. Ohio Central Bible College is allowed by Section 1713.02 (E) of the Ohio Revised Code to offer postsecondary courses in Christianity leading to a Diploma in Bible Studies, other religion courses as electives, and religion seminars. All courses and seminars are Christ-centered (see John 14:6).

Adults, age 18 and over, with a high school diploma or GED are welcome to enroll in our courses, seminars, and Independent Study Program. Instruction is offered during Winter Term, Spring Semester, Summer Term, and Fall Semester. A benefit concert takes place during the spring. Our highly qualified instructors make Christianity and the Holy Bible interesting, exciting, and enjoyable. The traditional classroom atmosphere creates a place where students can fellowship with other Christians. We encourage all individuals to learn more about the life and teachings of Christ in the four Gospels, and then follow Him during their life journeys.  

8607 County Road 30, P.O. Box 128, Iberia, OH  43325

We thank God that He protected the life of President Donald J. Trump on July 13. 

The public is invited to an open house on Saturday, September 7 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Iberia Presbyterian Church. 

Registration and the first day for fall semester will be Saturday, September 14 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Students can enroll in "Old Testament Survey" (Independent Studies Program). Contact OCBC for more information and to preregister.

Our hope is in the Lord Jesus because 
"He who has the Son has life" (I John 5:12).

All facilities are accessible to the disabled.
(We meet at the Iberia Presbyterian Church for 
courses and seminars, and also at the Mt. Gilead Public Library Annex for seminars). 


Help us share the Gospel of Jesus through our Christian work. Mail your check, payable to Ohio Central Bible College, to: Ohio Central Bible College, P.O. Box 128, Iberia, OH 43325. We are a 501 (c) (3) Christian postsecondary institution and tax exempt. Thank you for your continuing kindness and support.

Higher Learning in Morrow County

Hesper Mount Seminary (Society of Friends, 1843-1881) was situated near the Quaker settlement in Peru Township. Iberia College (Free Presbyterian, 1854-1867) and Ohio Central College (United Presbyterian, 1867-1875; Christian and nonsectarian, 1875-1887) were both located in Iberia, Washington Township. After 122 years, higher learning was revived in Morrow County with the founding of Ohio Central Bible College (Christian and independent) at Iberia in July 2009. It is a Christian, postsecondary institution created for Morrow County and the Columbus region.  All are welcome. 


   "It would be great to have you enroll as a student at Ohio Central
    Bible College! Established in July 2009, we are Christian,
    traditional, and independent. Our curriculum is Christ-centered (see
    The Gospel According to Saint John 14:6; KJV). Individuals with a
    high school diploma or GED are welcome to enroll. All of our faculty 
    have a master's degree or higher and we are a commuter
    campus without a residency requirement. Our students love the
    excitement of learning. Courses and seminars are held at the Iberia 
    Presbyterian Church and seminars are also offered at the Mount 
    Gilead Public Library Annex. Thank you."                                               President Phillips